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Should I buy the house?

Suppose you are already aware of the term Radon Mitigation System. In that case, it is an obvious question that will hamper your brain repetitively, “Should I Buy A House or A Property With A Radon Mitigation System?” 

But if you are not familiar with anything about this technical term, then you should do some research before investing in a property. 

The answer to the above question is quite obvious, “YES”. One should buy a house or a building with a radon mitigation system installed or should have the home tested and see if a system is needed. Radon is a harmful gas that can cause lung cancer and other health related issues over a long exposure period, but when mitigated by a professional radon company like Air Sense Environmental, your new home will be safe.  

The level of radon gas should not exceed 4.0 pCi/L as per the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, a level below the suggested volume of radon can still be harmful in some cases. 

So, it is recommended that when you are buying a house or an office, you should opt for an Active Radon Mitigation System at minimum. An active system is  capable of reducing the radon level up to 99 percent, and it makes the living environment safe. 

Many of us would prefer having a Passive Radon Mitigation System for a home, but in most cases it appears those systems require activation to be truly effective. When it comes to results, it shows that a passive radon system can only reduce around 50 percent of radon volume from the of the house. So, there will still be chances of getting harmed by radon gas. The only true way to determine radon levels and what protection you need is by having your home tested by a radon professional. If moving into a new home, this is a process we highly recommend during the real estate transaction.

Things To Keep In Mind While Getting A Radon Mitigation System Installed

Perform some quality research before finalizing a radon mitigation system. You can either opt for a passive system installation at the time of construction of your house, or you can get the active system installed in your current home at any time. A radon test performed by a licensed professional is really the only true way to determine what type of system your home requires. 

Make sure you follow the hiring process. Get the job done by an industry professional that is licensed. Do not compromise the quality to save some money on the front end. Make sure your system is installed up to national regulations and meets local code.

After installation, be sure to ask the radon professional to post-test the system to ensure your house radon levels have been reduced. Air Sense Environmental offers a guarantee that all of their systems will produce a post-test of less than a 4.0 pCi/L

Domestic Solutions To Keep Control Over The Spread Of Radon

However, getting an active radon mitigation system installed in the house is recommended for the best results. But there are some everyday actions to prevent the spread of radon gas. Keep doors and windows open for long hours during the day to let the fresh wind flow through and clear the radon itself. 

Always repair and fix cracks, damages, and leakages in floors, roofs, stairs, walls, and windows. Keeping the house damage-free can prevent the unwanted spread of radon gas. Sealing sump pits from the open air can also help with intruding radon into the basement of a home. 

Perform a periodic check for the spread of radon by an industry professional. It will help you decide when or if it is a good time to install an active radon system in your home. Don’t put your family’s health at risk, get your home tested for radon today and ensure a healthy atmosphere for your family.

Interested In Radon Testing or Mitigation?

We appreciate you taking the time to read this weeks edition of The Radon Blog, powered by Air Sense Environmental. Have questions about radon testing or mitigation? Or maybe you are ready to schedule your radon test? Check us out below and let’s get to work on your home.

Curious how we combat radon? Check out our latest YouTube video on how we successfully tested and mitigated this St. Louis area home.

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